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Tatiana was born and raised in France, lived in NYC for 8 years, then moved back to Europe and now she has been working for more than 10 years in Uganda. Her passion is to realign the people she meets so that all things to make their dreamed life a reality will be aligning for their greater good.

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Tatiana van den Bergh specializes in helping individuals and groups claim their personal and professional God given dream. 

Tatiana has been teaching, coaching and empowering people in dream interpretation for over 20 years. She has held training workshops and conferences internationally about living with the Holy Spirit, Understanding your Dreams, Renewal and Prayer. 


Tatiana was born and raised in France. She lives today in the Netherlands with her husband and her three children. She is the founder and director of Dreams Matter Network.

She has a diploma of coaching (CC excellence) and christian counseling (University of Strasbourg, faculty of theology protestant). She has been in full time ministry for over 25 years.


In 2013, after experiencing realignment for herself, Tatiana decided to develop and polish her method. She puts on paper all the steps, the ins and outs of her approach. The pages she has written during that time have created her teaching handbook of Realignment Coaching. Around the same time, she also decides to open a coaching practice based on her approach and method. 


Tatiana has developed and specialized the realignment method for individuals, couples and groups. In 2015, she wrote a children's story called Ruby that captures the heart, values and attitudes of her work. 


Her realignment method: Combine the teaching and principles of the Bible to the diverse situations and struggles that her clients face. By deconstructing the false belief of her clients, she realigns them with the Truth. This whole journey is liberating for her clients.

Realignment Coaching brings people to the place where they embrace their dreamed life to the fullest and with joy.


In addition, Tatiana is also involved in the social enterprise called Tjeko which has the motto “every child should have a childhood”. 

Tatiana van den Bergh Dreams Matter


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