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Dream Therapy


Dreams are full of symbols and metaphors which make it very difficult for the dreamer to interpret and understand them. 


The Bible is the only book available where we can find the record of historical dreams, their explanations and how they went about them.


Our therapeutic approach is to realign the owner of a dream with his biblical meaning.

Here are our services and resources on interpreting dreams from a biblical perspective.

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they really do matter!

This method brings long lasting results by going to the root of their issues. 

God's desire is to be fully involved in our everyday life and desires our well being.  That's why He even influences our dreams.


Dream therapy of Realignment Coaching is a Christian and biblical therapy. God uses dreams to convey deep revelations and messages.

Through the interpretation of the dreams, the dreamer is able to realign to the message that was contained in his dreams.  


In the core of this therapy, we use dreams to  reflect on our life and work on the areas God shows us. 

After interpreting, explaining the symbols and metaphors used in the dreams, the dreamer will be able to ask the Holy Spirit to identify their challenge and design a solution for it. 

Dreams really do matter!

The Bible tells us that God speaks through dreams (Job 33:14-18). We all have dreams. We can easily conclude that God speaks to us. Some of us can recall them. Dreams Matter allows us to record them, interpret them and do something with the message that they contain. 

Current exchange rates are always changing, but genrerally €1 = $1,10. Find the current exchange rate here.

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