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A workshop focussing on those moments in life that were meant to harm us...

But God turns them for the better.


Our lives are filled with stories. Funny stories, beautiful stories, love stories, sad stories, tragic stories, heartbreaking stories...  The positive stories we have are great to keep and cherish. The negative stories impact us differently. The more we try to get rid of them the more they stick to us and affect us. They affect our walk and they affect our faith. 

What if we could have another reading of our negative stories and this way, transform them into positive stories. The mosaic project allows us to depolarise our negative stories into positive ones. Some of the events of the stories we have lived, experienced and integrated as something negative. When we reread our life story, we not only take in account the negative elements but we elevate ourselves and search minutiously for the positive elements that were present in the negative story. We search for enough elements and outcomes that trigger some gratitude in us. Gratitude overrules and cancels negativity. Negative stories depolarise into positive one. The Mosaic Project helps depolarise our negative stories. Great for small groups, churches and leadership teams.


  • Interactive and dynamic 

  • Deep and Meaningful

  • Therapeutic and freeing

  • Refreshing and liberating


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